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The invisible protective barrier for automotive paint, glass, alloys and fabric that actually works.

Tribos is not a polish or a conventional surface treatment. It is a state-of-the-art process – a genuine scientific breakthrough.

An active polymer shield so durable, that brilliance is locked in for years. For paint, glass, alloy and fabrics, it is the ultimate in total vehicle protection.

Tribos. The Preservation of Perfection.

Tribos® Car Paint Protection is a highly durable yet flexible nano polymer coating. Our protective coating is engineered to resist 99% of all aggressive contaminants.The surface becomes extremely easy to clean and also has a unique UV barrier protecting your paint for longer. more
Tribos® car glass protection is the highest performing hydrophobic chemical barrier that keeps your glass clearer and cleaner, enhancing all round visibility and safety, by sealing the microscopic pours in the glass and making the glass surfaces hydrophobic it actually repels the water. more
Tribos® alloy wheel protector is a ceramic based super hard polymer coating specifically designed to resist brake dust, tar and general road contaminants. This alloy wheel protective coating makes cleaning wheels so quick and easy. The dirt just comes off with a spray, The surface is also protected from degradation. more
Tribos® fabric protector is a high performing hydrophobic barrier for interior vehicle fabrics and upholstery. Engineered to resist most liquids and staining solids the Tribos® car fabric protection affords you extra time to clean everyday spills and stop stains becoming permanent and damaging appearance . more
Tribos is a registered trademark of Tribos Coatings (International) Ltd