All our products are made – without compromise – to a high standard, not just down to a price that will make it look attractive retailers! They are thoroughly researched, tested and expertly applied to ensure they actually work – and deliver what we promise!


Q: What makes TRIBOS different to other products out there?

A: There are many key differences:

  1. UV resistance

Our polymers are built one of the strongest  chemical backbones available and contain UV reflectors and absorbers that protect against solar radiation. Unlike other products that just have filters

  1. Longevity

Our barrier products have been extensively tested for long life with in the worlds harshest environments of Marine and Aviation with conditions of extreme temperatures, salt, high humidity and strong UV.

  1. Application & quality control

Our products can only be applied be trained professional applicators involving multi-step quality control.

  1. Gloss which feels great and is easy to clean

Our polymers give a fabulously glossy look and feel. Run your hand over a treated surface to see what we mean, Just a wash-down is all it needs to get back to a show room finish –

  1. Product depth

Borne in the laboratory, our polymer protection system has been created by the worlds leading surface specialists and fully tested over several years.


Q: Does the Tribos barrier protect against acid rain, industrial fall out, traffic film and road salt?

A: Yes


Q: How long will my Treatment last?

A: Paint 36months*

Alloy 36 months*

Fabric** 1 year

GLass** 6months of 6000 miles


* This warranty is given based on the car being cleaned regularly and in accordance with our recommendations

**Usage guide dependent on usage


Q: Who’s behind the chemical technology in Tribos products?

A: From the very beginning, we have insisted on the best possible raw materials and chemical ingredients for this revolutionary system.


Q: Why, if surfaces are waterproof, is it necessary to be hydrophobic?

A: As it ages, surfaces develop scratches and cracks, it’s into these tiny faults that water will find its way.

The water evaporates, leaving sharp salt crystals, that work away, expanding the cavity, with time, the problem areas expand, resulting in, degradation and faded, dull-looking surfaces



Q: Will TRIBOS® Glass Treatment add to the safety of my vehicle?

A: Yes

From studies conducted UMTRI in the United States, treatment of windscreens hydrophobic a product will improve reaction times on average by over a second –



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