Alloy Wheel Protection

Alloy Wheel Protection 

Welcome to TRIBOS® Alloy wheel Protection.

TRIBOS® alloy wheel protection is a unique chemical barrier that keeps your alloys cleaner, enhancing the look of your vehicle, and making the alloy so much easier to clean.

Why Choose TRIBOS® Alloy Wheel Protection?

How Does TRIBOS® Alloy Wheel Protection work?

How is TRIBOS® Alloy Wheel Protection applied?

Where can I have TRIBOS® Alloy Wheel Protection Applied?

What is the cost of TRIBOS® Alloy Wheel Protection?

How can I find out more information on TRIBOS® Alloy Wheel Protection?

Why Choose TRIBOS® Alloy Wheel Protection?

Have you ever noticed how much better your car looks with shiny alloys? Are you tired of having to scrub your alloy wheels to get rid of all the dirt and brake dust that bakes on to them?  Alloys are always the first thing to get dirty, unfortunately they are also the hardest to clean. TRIBOS® have designed an incredibly hard alloy wheel protection coating that makes cleaning alloys a breeze :

  • Even the toughest baked on dirt comes off with a simple wash down
  • A fabulous, impressive and  ‘better-than-new’ finish that lasts and lasts
  • Immediate and obvious increase in pride of ownership and resale value.
  • In independent tests we have been found to offer overall better alloy wheel protection
  • Applied by manufacturers of new vehicles — and by dealers the world over.

How Does TRIBOS® Alloy Wheel Protection Coating work?

Firstly the alloy must be expertly cleaned to make sure that the surface is totally clean. If the product is applied on top of dirt or any contaminants they will be sealed in.

Unlike our paint and glass protective coating our alloy wheel protection is actually a ceramic based product. We would not use ceramics on painted or glass surfaces as they can crack and cause real issues when it comes to treating paint or glass surfaces. Once cured the ceramic surface is so smooth and tough that any dirt or oil cannot stick to it

All our products including our alloy wheel protection are developed to deliver optimum performance on the surfaces that they protect.

How is TRIBOS® Alloy Wheel Protection Applied?

To take full advantage of the phenomenal performance of TRIBOS® Alloy Wheel Protection, we have paid as much attention to developing the vital preparation and application techniques as we have to the formulation itself. Put simply, one cannot work properly without the other.


We clean the  surface ensuring the Alloy is free from any dirt or contaminates.


We drizzle the liquid Alloy protector on to a cotton pad and apply an even coat to the alloy surface making sure that we remove all air bubbles and cover all the hard to reach places


We leave the Alloy protection to cure to the surface for 3hrs


Great looking alloys that shine like new with a simple wash down, and no more scrubbing for you!

Where can I have TRIBOS® Alloy Wheel Protection Applied?

As with all our products, our alloy wheel protection must be applied by a trained applicator. We have many certified and reputable TRIBOS® Alloy Wheel Protection applicators throughout the UK. To find your nearest applicator and their contact details please click here, alternatively call us on 0845 056 4216 or check out our ‘find my nearest applicator‘ section.

What is the cost of TRIBOS® Alloy Wheel Protection?

Our Tribos Alloy Protection Coating is only available as part of the total TRIBOS® coating protective treatment. To request a quote please click here and fill it the form or alternatively call us on 0845 056 4216.

How can I find out more information on TRIBOS® Alloy Wheel Protection?

If you have not found the information about TRIBOS® Alloy Wheel Protection you were after or you have a query please give our friendly Alloy Wheel Protection team a call on +44 (0)845 056 4216  or email they will be more than happy to assist you with your query.

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