Car Fabric Protection

Car Fabric Protection 

Welcome to TRIBOS® Car Fabric Protection.

TRIBOS® Car Fabric Protection is a unique chemical barrier that protects your fabric from stains and spills, enhancing the look of your vehicle, and making your seats easy to clean.

TRIBOS® Car Fabric Protection forms an invisible barrier which repels water-based liquids such as soft drinks, tea and coffee and helps protect against stains. The product does not alter the look, feel or breathability of the upholstery or carpets.

Why Choose TRIBOS® Car Fabric Protection?

How Does TRIBOS® Car Fabric Protection work?

How is TRIBOS® Car Fabric Protection applied?

Where can I have TRIBOS® Car Fabric Protection Applied?

What is the cost of TRIBOS® Car Fabric Protection?

How can I find out more information on TRIBOS® Car Fabric Protection?

Why Choose TRIBOS® Car Fabric Protection?

Have you ever noticed how much no matter how great your car looks on the outside, you personally spend most of your time on the inside? We all know accidents happen and using our fabric protection can significantly enhance the stain resistant quality of your upholstery.

  • Small spills are easier to remove
  • Liquids that would usually stain your fabric areas of the car can be easily removed
  • Forms a water repellent barrier on the surfaces of the fabric
  • In tests, we have been found our product offers a better protection when compared to the leading competitors
  • Applied by manufacturers of new vehicles — and by dealers the world over.

How Does TRIBOS® Car Fabric Protection Coating work?

Firstly, the car fabric area must be clean, dry and free from contaminants. If the product is applied on top of dirt or any contaminants they will effect the efficacy of the protection.

All our products are developed to deliver optimum performance on the surfaces that they protect.

Spillages may simply “bead up” on treated fabric for a short period of time although performance may vary depending on the type of fabric treated as well as the spillage liquid involved.

Any marks on the fabric as a result of spillages (as detailed above) should be removed as soon as possible using clean warm water with a mild detergent – dab the affected area with a clean sponge or cloth (do not rub the area as you may force the mark further into the fabric) and the mark should be removed.

How is TRIBOS® Car Fabric Protection Applied?

To take full advantage of the phenomenal performance of TRIBOS® Car Fabric Protection, we have paid as much attention to developing the vital preparation and application techniques as we have to the formulation itself. Put simply, one cannot work properly without the other.


We clean the  surface ensuring the fabric is free from any moisture, dirt or contaminates.


To ensure an even coating, we spray the product over the surface of the fabric in horizontal lines, allow it to dry, then reapply in vertical lines to ensure total coverage


We leave the fabric protection to cure to the surface for 2hrs during that time the surface of the fabric should not be disturbed in any way.


Your seats look better for longer remaining stain resistant.

See how Tribos Car Fabric Protection is applied here: TRIBOS® training video for Car Fabric Protection

Where can I have TRIBOS® Car Fabric Protection Applied?

As with all our products our Car Fabric Protection must be applied by a trained applicator as part of the total Tribos Coatings protective treatment. Call us on: 0845 056 4216 to find your nearest applicator.

What is the cost of TRIBOS® Car Fabric Protection?

Our Tribos Car Fabric Protection is only available as part of the total Tribos coating protective treatment. To request a quote please click here and fill it the form or alternatively call us on 0845 056 4216.

How can I find out more information on TRIBOS® Car Fabric Protection?

If you have not found the information about TRIBOS® Car fabric Protection you were after or you have a query, please give us a call on 0845 056 4216  or email – we will be more than happy to assist you with your query.

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