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TRIBOS® is unique. It’s the only paint protection product available for automotive application proven to work in the most aggressive environments.

TRIBOS® Car Paint Protection exhibits a  ‘better-than-new’ reflective shine that provides protection against UV, salt, dirt, exhaust fumes, oil and a host of other contaminates.


From Ford to Ferrari, caravans to motorhomes, TRIBOS® Car Paint Protection has proved to be the Automotive paint protection product the world of motoring was waiting for.

Why Choose TRIBOS® Car Paint Protection?

How Does TRIBOS® Car Paint Protection work?

How is TRIBOS® Car Paint Protection applied?

Where can I have TRIBOS® Car Paint Protection applied?

What is the cost of TRIBOS® Car Paint Protection?

How can I find out more information on TRIBOS® Car Paint Protection?

Why should I use paint protection 

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Why Choose TRIBOS® Car Paint Protection?

Have you ever said this: “My car looks amazing when its just been polished, but I just don’t have the time to do it every day” or this: “I wish there was a way I could keep my car looking like new”? with TRIBOS® Car Paint Protection you can benefit from a car protective coating that exhibits the following:

  • A fabulous ‘better-than-new’ shine that lasts and lasts

  • No more waxing or polishing, get a showroom look with a simple wash-down

  • Restore faded paint to a better than new finish.

  • Brings out the deepest gloss on dark surfaces and provides a seriously bright shine on lighter coloured surfaces.

  • Protect your resale value and increase in pride of ownership

  • A hydrophobic system that keeps glass cleaner and clearer for longer, enhancing all-round visibility and safety

  • Overall protection not only for your paint but also for your glass

  • Applied by manufacturers of new vehicles — and by dealers the world over

If inspected under a microscope, a dull surface finish will appear rough and uneven, so most polishing and waxing processes are designed to smooth out the roughness and make the surface shiny.

A rough surface causes incoming light to ‘scatter’ and reflect in a random, non-parallel way (diffuse reflection) so the surface appears blurred, washed-out and just plain dull. By contrast, a flat, smooth surface reflects light in an even, parallel form – just like a mirror (specular reflection) which creates a shiny-looking surface finish.

In addition the TRIBOS® coating contains specially developed titanium oxide crystals (not found in the waxes and non-reactive silicone compounds of other treatments) which ensure genuine resistance to damaging UV light.

How Does TRIBOS® Car Paint Protection work?

Tribos® Car Paint Protection is a polymer designed specifically for painted surfaces. It acts like a car protective coating that ensures a water and oil-repellent surface that ‘locks out’ damaging water and salt and is very easy to clean.

The TRIBOS® Car Paint Protection formula contains amino functional silicones and silicone resins that chemically bond to the paint surface. They then cross-link together chemically over 2-24 hours to form a tough barrier that repels water and oils.

TRIBOS® Car Paint Protection is state-of-the-art in defense from the UV light in solar radiation. Using one of the strongest chemical backbones available, along with high quality UV reflective  ingredients means that the UV radiation is absorbed and re-emitted  as harmless heat. The polymer layer, forms a chemical bond to the surface ensuring genuine longevity.

TRIBOS® Car Paint Protection’s dual features of water repellency and UV protection allow the finish to remain glossy for significantly longer periods of time than has ever been possible before, while also preventing the fading, ‘chalking’ and general degradation usually caused by UV light.

How is TRIBOS® Car Paint Protection applied?

As with all car paint protection products application is everything. To take full advantage of the phenomenal performance of TRIBOS® Car Paint Protection, we have paid as much attention to developing the vital preparation and application techniques as we have to the formulation itself. Put simply, one cannot work properly without the other.

TRIBOS® Car Paint Protection application is normally a two-stage process on new or undamaged car surfaces, or it may require three-stages if serious preparation work is required.


Using a combination of our three grades of polishing compounds, we remove existing surface finishes and treatments (any waxes, teflon etc.) plus the usual array of scratches, marks and unsightly results of general weathering.


The application of our zero swirl product, similar to those used for polishing precious metals, is assisted by our purpose-manufactured orbital polishers, the result being an ultra-smooth, clean surface required prior to the application of TRIBOS® Car Paint Protection.


The TRIBOS® car protective coating is gently and expertly applied – once again using our unique orbital polishers. The finish then cures  over a 2-24 hour period, during this time all the individual polymers cross-link together and anchor themselves to the surface.


The smooth, impenetrable and transparent Car Paint Protection leaves a long-lasting gloss finish.

Where can I have TRIBOS® Car Paint Protection applied?

We have many certified and reputable TRIBOS® Car Paint Protection applicators throughout the UK. To find your nearest applicator and their contact details please click here or alternatively call us on 0845 056 4216.

What is the cost of TRIBOS® Car Paint Protection?

The price of our Car Paint Protection varies according to size, type and condition of your automobile. To request a quote please click here and fill it the form or alternatively call us on 0845 056 4216.

How can I find out more information on TRIBOS® Car Paint Protection?

If you have not found the information about TRIBOS® Car paint you were after or you have a query please give our friendly Automotive team a call on 0845 056 4216 or email they will be more than happy to assist you with your query.


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