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Tribos Magic

The finish your Tribos treatment has given my cars is simply awesome.  No matter what the weather, they always look like they’ve just been driven out of the showroom and when they do need a clean all I do is give them a once over with a wet sponge and hey presto like magic they are immediately back to their gleaming selves.

It is brilliant.  I can’t tell you how impressed I am.  I would recommend Tribos to anyone and everyone.

John Bancroft MBE – Morgan, Mercedes SL & CLS

Great service and a great product which does what it claims!

We decided to have two of our vans treated hoping that the ‘Tribos’ treatment would leave a good protective finish, making them easier to keep clean and looking good for longer. We were not disappointed! The vans look ultra clean, the paintwork is now protected and the rain easily runs off the windscreen. We will certainly have new vans treated in the future. All in all, great service and a great product which does what it claims!

Gary Perkins – Director, Status Flooring


I will get all my future cars done!

I have to say I’m delighted with my TRIBOS treatment, at first I thought it would be just another treatment like the others but I was wrong, I am constantly having people comment on how great my car looks and every time I get wash the car it looks as good as the day it was done. Its been a good 6 months now and It still looks stunning, I would certainly recommend TRIBOS to anyone, its well worth it, I have seen other treatments before and they don’t even come close. Great Job Guys  if you’re thinking of getting a paint treatment don’t hesitate. I will get all my future cars done!

Tim Smith – Gforces Mercedes  

‘A must for future car purchases’

I recently had my 9 year old BMW treated to the ‘TRIBOS experience’ and wanted to let you know just how impressed both myself and friends have been with the result.
It is a black car and the look it now has belies it’s age, it looks pristine and straight out of the showroom.
Having driven about 100 miles in the rain to return home, I was amazed that I used the windscreen wipers only a couple of times, while passing lorries and their excessive spray, as the rain just vanished off the windscreen.
Having returned home in the inclement weather, the car just did not look dirty and still looked amazing.
Subsequently, it has proved to be very easy to clean and a quick wash down with water is all it needs to bring it back to ‘showroom’ once again.
The treatment certainly ‘does what is says on the tin’ and is a must for future car purchases, it is an amazing finish and a real head turner.
Thank you TRIBOS, a great product which I have been happy to recommend to those who comment on my ‘new’ car.

Peter Humby BMW 3 series


Cleaning the dead bugs off is much easier.

I am a keen biker and 2 of the issues bikers face is visibility in wet weather, and cleaning dead insects from  your crash helmet and motorbike when the weather has been dry, I use Tribos on my bike‘s screen and fairing as well as my crash helmet and it’s visor,  in wet weather the rain just bead’s and dissipates on the screen and visor giving much improved wet weather visibility, and it also makes cleaning the dead bugs off much easier.

Ron Wilby

GM of Lloyd Land Rover Carlisle

‘My new car is just magnificent’

Hi there,

I had my new Focus ST Estate treated with your product back in March, and the difference this has made to my new car is just magnificent.

I am very particular with my car, and keep it immaculate, and every time I wash it I marvel at the way the water has beaded on the paintwork, and then dances off in all directions!

I have had many cars over the past number of years, treated in various different ways, but Tribos not only is the best, but it has also exceeded my expectations too.

I’d also like to say a thank you to the team at David Harrison Ltd. for suggesting TRIBOS and doing such a good job on the car, very much the finishing touch to my new car.

I am buying a wee runabout soon, and I’ve already told my dealer I want it ‘Tribosed’ !!

Many thanks again for a great product.

Best wishes,

Mr Derek A, car Tribos prepared by David Harrison Ltd,

Well worth the investment

“Having purchased a new model Nissan GTR in black at over 70k I decided to pay for the ‘xxxxxxx’ finish to protect the paintwork and maintain the glossy finish.  After a few weeks I was disappointed to see the gloss finish had deteriorated and swirls/scratches had begun to appear across the paintwork.  This got steadily worse and as the car was pearl black the imperfections were clearly apparent, despite following the ‘xxxxxxx’ washing instructions etc the paintwork got much worse over a short space of time.  At this point I contacted Tribos and explained the situation in the hope the paintwork could be restored.  After an initial consultation they said could get the car to as good as new in a couple of days.  The transformation was incredible, their engineer spent a day detailing and repairing the paintwork before expertly applying the Tribos finish.  When I received the car it really was like the day I collected it but glossier.

They also applied the Tribos finish to the windscreen which means i barely use the windscreen wipers when its raining as the water just bounces off!!  I can’t recommend Tribos enough, the product is fantastic and the service and professionalism of their team was first class.  I only wish I had spent the extra £200 in the first place and not bothered with the ‘xxxxxxxx’ application.. well worth the investment, THANK YOU Tribos ”

Chris Garret

Nissan GTR owner


I am enjoying saving valuable time and money


Thanks again for the great job you did on my car. Quite apart from the fact that the car looks brand new and extra shiny, I love the fact that I don’t need to have my windscreen wipers on whilst doing the speed limit on the motorway! I am also enjoying saving valuable time and money by not having my car valeted as regularly.

John Reynolds Porsche Cayenne

Never done a testimonial before but here goes:-

We purchased our Ford Fiesta just over 3 weeks ago and on collecting the car we were impressed on just how bright the paintwork on the car looked. We chose Race red as the colour and with Tribos applied it certainly looked the part, especially at night when the car appeared to glow. Many people have remarked on how bright the car looks over and above that of a normal new car.
Washing the car was easy. On hosing the paintwork you could see the water beading and on applying a hand mitt you could feel that the surface had been treated as your hand just glided along. Again on washing the wheels you could see the water running off them like it was a ducks back and I was able to hose off a good proportion of brake dust before cleaning the wheels as normal which saved my back some pain.
Upon using a chamois to dry the car it again looked like we had just purchased it and considering it is mid winter in Scotland I was very impressed. Good job Tribos !

Ian Stewart Clackmannanshire,Scotland,


Feels like a brand new car on my driveway every day

Dear TRIBOS, well, my Nissan Juke received the treatment after it had been on the road for some 12mths. Immediately after I found that cleaning is a doddle and the paint work now looks better than it did when I first got it.
I can’t wait for the rain as I love showing people how all water just flies off of the glass. I feel like I have a brand new car on my driveway every day!
Highly recommended!
Sarah Nippard

TRIBOS made me think again about paint protection

I had been sold paint protection before and had not really found it to be worth the hassel, I have to admit the first time it was an impulse bye when I bought my car, I liked the sales guy and he offered me a good price so I went ahead. After a short while I couldn’t even tell if it was on there. So that made it really hard for the next guy to convince me. To be honest I was skeptical but I liked the fact that the product had come from the Marine industry so I gave it a go and I’m genuinely pleased I did. I’ve had the car for 18months now and it still looks a million dollars every time I wash it. I left it a while before writing in as I didn’t expect it to last but Im happy to say I was wrong. thank you TRIBOS I would definitely have your treatment again.

Geoff Frost
Freelander owner Bucks


Does what it says on the tin

I have had my car treated 6 months ago with Tribos as a present from my husband. I have to say that paintwork is still looking fantastic and just like they promised its  easier to keep clean and the paint comes up so shiny like new every time. Also Im very happy with the  glass  I am finding when driving at night in the rain on the motorway the visibility is a lot better  I do a lot of driving and this has really helped, I wouldnt be without it now– I would like to thank all the team at Tribos for a fantastic product and service – Keep up the great work –

Mrs L Bascombe”

So good I recommended it to my sister…

I had Tribos applied to my car over a year ago and I can honestly say I was really impressed!
It’s not cheap, but its definitely a quality product. My friend tried one of the cheap products on the market and it just didn’t work.
for a change I actually enjoy washing my car –  it comes up looking like brand new afterwards.
The glass product  on my windows is also amazing – especially when it rains – the water just flys off
I would recommend Tribos to everyone who is thinking of buying a brand new car and also to anyone who has a second-hand car. My sister had her 4 year old Skoda treated with Tribos and it looks as new as my 1 year old Audi.
Thank you Tribos for making my car look fantastic all over.

Jane Robson

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