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Welcome to our Trade testimonial page. This is where you can see why our clients believe that TRIBOS is the best product for their customers.

Another happy TRIBOS customer

(We’ve removed the name of the competitor brand for obvious reasons)

Hi Alan

Just a wee update on our customer that picked up there Tribos protected Nissan Qashqai on Saturday. 

On Friday I protected a 2010 (3 year old) Nissan Qashqai with Tribos, It was left in the hand over bay in our showroom for the customer to collect on Saturday.  On Saturday we decided to take the car outside into the sun for the hand over, as the car looked fantastic with the sun shining on it.  Not long after taking it outside there was a small downpour, so I decided to take the car back round to the workshop to chamois the car, and to take a few pictures of the car in perfect condition before the customer came to lift it.  Whilst doing this, the customer arrived to collect there new car, the salesman explained what had happened, and explaining how particular the valeter was and it would be round in 5 minutes.  (there was all the usual paperwork to go through before the customer could drive away in the car anyway).  The customer was impressed with the level of care taken to make sure the car is ‘right’ before we hand over a car.  A few minutes later I drove the car round to the front of the showroom and reversed into the hand over bay.  The instant responce from the customer was amazing….  He was completely blown away with how it looked, we chatted for 10 minutes about the proccess used to get the car in the condition it was in.  He had his phone out taking pictures of the car with his wife.  I said to him to feel the smoothness of the paint work and compare it with a brand new polished car in the showroom.  His 3 year old car felt smoother and had a far better shine on it.

Then he asked, how would you compare it with (XXXXX)….  I told him no lies, I thought (XXXXX) was a good product, but not in the same league as Tribos, Tribos far exceeds in terms of protection and how the finished product looked.  He agreed, then told me his wife bought an Audi A5 from the garage across the road from us recently, she had the car xxxxx’d, and they both said they wished they had the Tribos done on the A5.  Needless to say, they were absolutely delighted with their car.

Its great to get this type of feedback from customers, just thought I’d share it with you.



Edwin May motors

TRIBOS and Mazda Malaysia

“We are delighted to confirm that we now offer TRIBOS as standard on every new Mazda that passes through the PDI centers, TRIBOS has now been chosen as the preferred paint protection product for Mazda Malaysia.

We have found this to be a real benefit to our customers and we are in the process of rolling out the offer of TRIBOS in aftersales across all our service centers.”

Shamsuddin Amran

Manager Aftersales division



TRIBOS in Pattaya

I have been in the high end detailing business for many years and I have never seen anything quite like TRIBOS. When I first saw the finish that it delivered the shine and the deep luster of the colour, I knew that my it would be something that my customers would like as they rely on me to supply the very best.
As its used on Superyachts and aircraft I felt confident that the product would really last over time, unlike other products that promise the earth and don’t deliver. I’m very happy to be selling TRIBOS, its a great addition to my business and more importantly my customers love it!

Michael Bocek

Tribos and Middelhusrt motorsport

After an extensive programme of laboratory work and research, working with some of the world’s leading chemical manufacturers followed by exhaustive testing and application trials, Tribos proved it lived up to every one of our expectations – and more. With its huge advantages – and proven results – Middlehurst Motorsport are confident Tribos will live up to yours too.

Tribos takes on the Scottish weather

“What has impressed us is the care taken by Tribos to ensure our preparation teams were properly instructed in the application of the products. As a result they speak glowingly of the products and the results.

While the application of Tribos takes longer than other products we’ve used, it is thorough and the results are obvious…and if Tribos can protect boat hulls and aircraft we should be ok even with Scottish weather!”

David MacFarlane

Director of David Harrison Ford


A product you can believe in

‘As a long serving Nissan dealer we have been very successful in marketing and selling paint protection products. After reading about Tribos I felt that the product was the best on the market for our customers. Although we had to increase our retail price point compared to our previous product my sales staff are delighted with the change over. In the first two months we have increased our sales of paint protection by 20%. The main reason for this is belief in the product. I would highly recommend Tribos to anyone considering their options. As an added bonus the backup from the field team is second to none’

Jim Mackenzie

Sales Director
Dicksons of Inverness

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